Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pinoy Blog Exchange work?

After joining Pinoy Blog Exchange as a Webmaster you place a small banner or widget on your blog or website. You can fully customize this widget. The widget will show blogpost from other Webmaster and your blogposts will start showing up on other blogs and websites.You will always get more traffic back than you send. Typically you will get 150 - 200 % more visitors to your posts than you send.

How do I get my Blogposts to show on other sites?

After you sign up as a webmaster you can start submitting your blogposts. Login and under Posts you click on Add Post. Here you submit the url to your Blogpost, a description and of course a picture. Make sure your description and picture will attract the attention of the users. As soon as your blogpost has been reviewed and approved it will start showing up in our network. It will not be shoing up on your own blog or website.


How long does it take for a post to be approved?

Usually we try to approve them within a few hours, but sometimes this might take longer.


What does rejected mean?

Sometimes our moderators think that a specific post or picture might not be suitable to our users or violate our Terms of Use. In this case your submitted post will be marked rejected. If you think this is a mistake you can email us at